Potable Reuse Growing Throughout California

The Carpinteria Advanced Purification Project, a joint project with the Carpinteria Valley Water District, will provide a new drought-proof water supply for the Carpinteria Valley.   As water supplies dwindle and become less reliable across the state, many agencies are implementing potable reuse projects to capture and beneficially reuse an incredibly valuable resource.   Locally, CAPP will produce just over one million gallons purified water for injection into the groundwater basin.  This is equivalent to 1,000 acre feet per year (AFY) which represents about 25% of the overall water demand locally.

Orange County Water District, the agency which pioneered potable reuse in California, currently reuses approximately 100,000 AFY of purified wastewater.  New potable reuse projects are coming on line regularly.  In San Diego County, Pure Water Oceanside’s new facility will produce up to 4.5 million gallons of purified water each day and inject it into the Mission Basin aquifer.  Statewide, operational and planned potable reuse projects combined will produce over 700,000 AFY to build a stronger water supply portfolio for California.  The treatment technologies for potable reuse are proven and the State permitting guidelines ensure safe operation, clearing the pathway for potable reuse to be part of the climate change solution.