Environmental Leadership in Carpinteria Since 1928

Three beachfront communities within the District’s service area are served by a low pressure sewer system. If you live in the Rincon Point, Sandyland Cove or Sand Point Road neighborhood, your home is equipped with an individual grinder pump, tank and control panel used to convey wastewater through a network of small diameter pipes to the District’s collection system. These installations were part of the South Coast Beach Communities Septic to Sewer Conversion Project.

The lower pressure sewer system is owned and maintained by District staff and has been installed within an easement on each private parcel. A basic guide for homeowners is available for download here. Contact the District if you experience any problems with the pumping system on your property.

Homeowners and residents can help to ensure reliable system performance in a number of ways, including:

•   not pouring used cooking oil, liquid grease and other greasy residue down the drain
•   not disposing of chemicals or solvents down the drain or toilet
•   rinsing sand off outside
•   never connecting outdoor drains, outside showers or other sources of stormwater to the system
•   ensuring that electrical power to the pump remains on at all times
•   keeping tank access lids accessible and clear of debris or overgrown landscaping
•   contacting the District prior to doing any exterior plumbing modifications