Request for Proposals

CAPP Design and Construction Services

The Carpinteria Valley Water District and Carpinteria Sanitary District are excited to take the next step in implementing the Carpinteria Advanced Purification Project (CAPP) with the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Design and Construction Services for CAPP. Proposals are due November 18 and the pre-proposal meeting is October 17. See the RFP linked below for the latest information.

Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals Attachment A – Agreement

Request for Proposals Attachment B – Scope of Work

Request for Proposals Attachment C – CAPP Ocean Plan Compliance

Request for Proposals Addendum No. 1


The Carpinteria Advance Purification Project (CAPP) will replenish the groundwater basin with purified recycled water, creating a locally-controlled, drought resistant drinking water supply.  For more information on CAPP visit

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