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The Board of Directors of the Carpinteria Sanitary District will conduct a public hearing to consider adoption of a proposed increase in sewer service charges.



 Tuesday, June 7, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. at the District’s Interim Administrative Office located at 1110 Eugenia Place in Carpinteria.

Over the past several months, the District has undertaken significant financial planning and analysis with the outcome begin a recommendation to implement a series of modest incremental increases to the District’s sewer service charge rate structure. Although we maintain sharp focus on operational efficiency, this serial rate adjustment is necessary to fund the escalating cost of providing reliable wastewater services to the community.

Formal notice of the proposed rate increase has been mailed to all District customers and a 45-day protest period has commenced. Links are provided below to the Notice of Hearing (Prop 218 Notice) and to the Wastewater Rates and Fees study which establishes the basis for the proposed rate adjustments. There is a link to a Protest Form that may be used to file a written protest to the proposed increases on or before the June 7, 2022 Public Hearing.


Wastewater Rates and Fees Study

“Prop 218” Notice

“Prop 218” Notice – Spanish

Protest Form