Plum/Pear Sewer Replacement Project


The District recently undertook a project to replace a 10-inch diameter sewer that was originally installed in the early 1930’s.  As the community grew, wastewater flows also increased, nearing the hydraulic capacity of this pipe.  After nearly 90 years of service, the pipe itself had deteriorated as well.  Based on its location adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad corridor and through several condominium developments, traditional open cut excavation to replace the pipe was essentially impossible and the District chose a combination of trenchless pipeline replacement techniques to execute the proejct.


The District engaged Blois Construction for the construction project which included these main components

  • 1,611 linear feet of 14-inch diameter HDPE gravity sewer using the pipe bursting method
  • 74 linear feet of 14-inch diameter HDPE gravity sewer using bore and jack and open cut method
  • 308 linear feet of 15-inch diameter gravity sewer by cured-in-place pipe method
  • construction of 7 new manholes and modification of 4 existing manholes

Construction challenges included the need for groundwater dewatering, maintaining access for residents, crossing Carpinteria Avenue and protecting the adjacent Carpinteria Salt Marsh.  Blois completed the project on time and within budget, with no major construction issues.  The new, larger pipeline will serve the community for at least another 90 years.