Free Compost


Once a year, typically in the late Spring, the Carpinteria Sanitary District makes a limited supply of compost available to customers at no cost for use in yard landscaping projects.  This high-quality organic product improves soil structure, increases water holding capacity and adds key nutrients to the soil.


The District has a long-standing partnership with Engel & Grey, a Santa Maria based composting facility.  Engel & Grey generates a high quality product called Harvest Blend Compost that is marketed and sold commercially at garden supply stores and other locations throughout the County.  Their process combines local biosolids – the organic, nutrient rich byproduct of wastewater treatment – with green waste from gardens, wineries and other sources to produce the compost.  Harvest Blend Compost is tested at a certified laboratory before it is shipped to assure the quality and safety of the product.  More information on the product can be found at

How it Works

Periodically, Engel & Grey makes a load of Harvest Blend Compost available to Carpinteria area residents to promote the concept of recycling a valuable local resource within our community.  Contact the District to find out when to expect the next delivery.  When available, bring a container – an empty trash can works well – and a shovel to load the compost yourself.  Please check in at the District administrative office at 5300 Sixth Street on arrival for further instructions.