Environmental Leadership in Carpinteria Since 1928

A significant portion of the District’s wastewater collection system was constructed between the 1930’s and the 1950’s. These old pipes had exceeded their design service life and structural problems were developing.

The District initiated a major CCTV inspection program and undertook a system-wide condition assessment project that was completed in 2002. These efforts culminated in a Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation Plan that summarized identified structural defects within the system and established a priority list for replacement and repair of buried infrastructure.

The Phase 1 Collection System Rehabilitation Program involves replacement and/or rehabilitation of pipelines within the District’s wastewater collection system that have been found to have significant structural defects in previous studies. It is anticipated that up to four miles of sewer pipeline, or 10% of the entire system, will be rehabilitated using trenchless methods or replaced using open cut construction in FY 2005/06. Approximately $1,100,000 has been budgeted for Phase 1 work.